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Students in Ashern area attend the Ashern Early Years and Ashern Central School. The Ashern Schools belong to Lakeshore School Division. Lakeshore also operates facilities in Moosehorn, Eriksdale, Lundar, Fisher Branch and Inwood.   

Ashern Early Years school is a Kindergarten to Grade 4 school located in Ashern, Manitoba. It has a current enrollment of approximately 90 students. The school team includes 6 teachers, a half-time principal/half time resource teacher, several education assistants, a part -time librarian and a part-time secretary. 

Currently there are 5 classrooms (K, 1-2, 1-2, 3-4, 3-4). A program for 4 year olds is offered in our building from October to May (2 days per week) and another program for 3 year olds is offered once a week for 10 weeks.  

The school offers weekly classes of both French and Music for students.


Ashern Central School is a grades 5 – 12 regional school providing educational services to students from several communities. Current enrollment is approximately 220 students with 60 in middle years and 160 in senior years.

Staff consists of 19 teaching staff, 11 educational assistants, secretaries, a librarian, custodial staff and bus drivers. 

Ashern Central School offers a full range of core academic courses, as well as optional courses in woodworking, food and nutrition, business education and ICT, music, science and the social sciences, French, career and technology studies (CTS), the high school apprenticeship program (HSAP), and an automotive technology program with state of the art equipment within our facility.

High school students may choose between Business, University Entrance and Vocational Education programs.


Child Care services for children 3 months to 12 years old available by the Ashern Daycare Co-op Inc, located 2 Main Street East.


For further information please contact:

Janet Martell

Lakeshore School Division
Box 100
Eriksdale, MB R0C 0W0

Phone: 204-739-2101 ext. 1223


Ashern Early Years School

P.O. Box 1400
Ashern, MB
R0C 0E0

Tel: (204) 768-2625
Fax: (204) 768-3656
Email: a                   

Principal: Mrs. Karen Carmichael


Ashern Central School

P.O. Box 1200
Ashern, MB
R0C 0E0

Tel: 204-768-2571
Fax: 204-768-2879

Principal: Ms. Darlene Willetts
Vice Principal: Ms. Memory Halldorson




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