Local Government


To view the RM of West Interlake Policies, click on the link below;

Council Code of Conduct Policy: 

http://cms.rmofwestinterlake.com/Editor/images/1-2018 Council Code of Conduct.pdf 

Employee Code of Conduct Policy: 

http://cms.rmofwestinterlake.com/Editor/images/2-2018 Employee Code of Conduct.pdf 

Tendering & Procurement Policy: 

http://cms.rmofwestinterlake.com/Editor/images/3-2018 Tendering and Procurement.pdf

Private Works Policy: 

http://cms.rmofwestinterlake.com/Editor/images/4-2018 Private Works Policy. Amended 288.pdf 

Eriksdale Cemetery Policy:

http://cms.rmofwestinterlake.com/Editor/images/5-2018 Eriksdale Cemetery Policy.pdf
























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