Local Government


Administration and Office Staff


Larissa Love
Chief Administrative Officer

Phone: 204-739-2666 

Email: cao@rmofwestinterlake.com


Jennifer Rohl
Assistant Chief Administrative Officer

Phone: 204-768-2641
Email: adminashern@rmofwestinterlake.com
Dolly Lindell
Administrative Assistant (Eriksdale)
Accounts Payable
Phone: 204-739-2666
Email: admineriksdale@rmofwestinterlake.com
Jodi Thorkelsson
Administrative Assistant (Ashern)
Phone: 204-768-2641
Email:  info@rmofwestinterlake.com
Diane Bottrell
Economic Development Officer (Eriksdale)
Phone: 204-739-2666
Email: edo@rmofwestinterlake.com
Available Tuesday and Wednesday each week. 
Clayton Gibson
Economic Development Officer (Ashern)
Phone: 204-768-0508
Email: ashernedo@rmofwestinterlake.com
Neil Thage
Emergency Measures Coordinator
Phone: 204-768-0006
Email: emc@rmofwestinterlake.com
 Kaylee Weatherburn
 Canada Summer Jobs - Student (Eriksdale Office)
 Green Team Summer Students
 Lily Sigurdson (MMF Summer Career Placement Student)
 Dylan Weatherburn
 Adam Malcolm
 Samuel Jones (MMF Summer Career Placement Student)



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