Local Government



Municipal Council

Elected Officials 

Arnthor Jonasson


Email:  AJonasson@rmofwestinterlake.com 

Portfolio: Ex officio on all Committees

Other Committees: Lakeshore Recreation, West Interlake Planning District, Boundary Diversion Committee.


John Bezemer

Deputy Reeve

Email:  Bezemer@rmofwestinterlake.com

Portfolio:  Protective Services,  Transportation,  Health & Safety (alternate),  Utility (alternate), Ashern Waste Disposal Grounds,

Other Committees: Cemetery, CEWDG, Lake MB Flood Rehabilitation,  WI Conservation District, Ashern & District Vet Services, West Interlake/Grahamdale ADHOC, Boundary Diversion Committee, Negotiation Committee.


Paul Murphy 

Deputy Reeve (alternate)

Email:  Murphy@rmofwestinterlake.com

Portfolio: Finance, Personnel & Policy (alternate),  Protective Services,  Transportation, Utility,  Asset Management,   Economic Development (alternate)

Other Committees:  Cemetery, CEWDG, West Interlake CDC (alternate), Lake MB Flood Rehabilitation (alternate), Lakeshore Recreation (alternate), WI Planning District,  WI Handivan, Lakeshore Handivan, West Interlake/Grahamdale ADHOC.


Lyle Finney


Email:  Finney@rmofwestinterlake.com

Portfolio:  Protective Services (alternate),  Transportation,  Ashern Waste Disposal Grounds,  Economic Development. 

Other Committees: Fieldstone Ventures, WI Conservation District, WI Planning District (alternate),  Parkland Regional Library (alternate), Ashern & District Vet Services.


Edith Peterson


Email: peterson@rmofwestinterlake.com

Portfolio: Finance (alternate), Personnel and Policy, Ashern WDG (alternate), Asset Management (alternate), Economic Development.

Other Committees: Ashern LUD (alternate), West Interlake CDC, Interlake Tourism, WI Handivan, Lakeshore Handivan, Negotiation Committee.


Randy Helgason 


Email: Helgason@rmofwestinterlake.com  

Portfolio:  Finance, Personnel & Policy, Transportation (alternate), Utility, Ashern Waste Disposal Grounds.

Other Committees: Ashern LUD, Lake MB Flood Rehab, Fieldstone Ventures (alternate), WI Grahamdale ADHOC (alternate), Boundary Diversion Committee.


Penny-Anne Wainwright


Email:  Wainwright@rmofwestinterlake.com

Portfolio:  Personnel & Policy,  Health & Safety, Asset Management,  Economic Development.

Other Committees:  CEWDG, West Interlake CDC, Interlake Tourism (alternate), WI Conservation District, Parkland Regional Library, Lundar Veterinary Services, Weed Control Board, Negotiation Committee.


Trevor Emilson


LUD Committee Member /Ashern

Email:  Emilson@rmofwestinterlake.com

Karen Carmichael

LUD Committee Member /Ashern

Email:  carmichael@rmofwestinterlake.com

Stefan Jonasson

LUD Committee Member / Ashern

Email:  SJonasson@rmofwestinterlake.com  


Council Meetings

Effective as of March 24, 2020; Regular Meetings of council shall be held every third Tuesday, in the council Chambers of the Rural Municipality of West Interlake at the hour of 9:00am.  Regular meetings shall alternate between the Ashern Council Chambers, #38 Main Street, Ashern MB  and the Eriksdale Council Chambers, #10 Main Street, Eriksdale MB of the West Interlake Municipal Offices.

LUD Meetings are held on the third Thursday of each month commencing at 5:00 pm at the Ashern Council Chambers, #38 Main Street, Ashern MB of the West Interlake Municipal Office.


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