Local Government

2023 Meeting Dates

Council Meetings

Regular Meetings of Council shall be held every third Tuesday, in the council Chambers of the Rural Municipality of West Interlake at 9:00am.  Regular meetings shall alternate between the Ashern Council Chambers, #38 Main Street, Ashern MB  and the Eriksdale Council Chambers, #10 Main Street, Eriksdale MB of the West Interlake Municipal Offices. 

2023 Regular Council Meetings

Date Time Location
December 20th 2022 9:00 am Ashern
January 17th 9:00 am Eriksdale
February 7th 9:00 am Ashern
February 28th 9:00 am Eriksdale
March 21st 9:00 am Ashern
April 11th 9:00 am Eriksdale
May 2nd 9:00 am Ashern
May 23rd 9:00 am Eriksdale
June 13th 9:00 am Ashern
July 4th 9:00 am Eriksdale
July 25th 9:00 am Ashern
August 15th 9:00 am Eriksdale
September 5th 9:00 am Ashern
September 26th 9:00 am Eriksdale
October 17th 9:00 am Ashern
November 7th 9:00 am Eriksdale
November 28th 9:00 am Ashern
December 19th 9:00 am Eriksdale


Local Urban District of Ashern (LUD)

LUD Meetings are held on the third Monday of each month commencing at 5:00 pm at the Ashern Council Chambers, #38 Main Street, Ashern MB of the West Interlake Municipal Office.

2023 LUD Meetings


Date Time
January 16th 5:00 pm
February 20th 5:00 pm
March 20th 5:00 pm
April 17th 5:00 pm
May 15th 5:00 pm
June 19th 5:00 pm
July 17th 5:00 pm
August 21st 5:00 pm
September 18th 5:00 pm
October 16th 5:00 pm
November 20th 5:00 pm
December 18th
5:00 pm



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