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Eriksdale Recreation Centre

The Eriksdale Recreation Centre is located at #2-1st Ave. in Eriksdale and is one of Manitoba’s best community recreation complexes for medium sized meetings and conventions.  

The Eriksdale Recreation Centre houses an upstairs Banquet Hall with a full kitchen and accessible by a lift, downstairs a Main Hall with attached Banquet/Bar Hall, a curling rink with artificial ice and a lounge area, a skating rink and a rotunda that accommodates a canteen.


Eriksdale Recreation Centre Specs and Price List

Three Halls: All are in one complex along with the Curling and Skating Rinks

For more information contact: Dale Lloyd @ 204-739-5334

Main Hall – Seating Cap 247  

$200 per day

Bar Hall – Seating Cap 224

$200 per day

Upstairs Hall - Capacity 292

$200 per day (lift, kitchen, warmers incl. if requested)

Upstairs Kitchen – Prov. Cert

$100 per day (if required separately)

Damage Deposit per hall $100

Special Circumstances:

Mix:  2 Litre Bottles - You may either bring your own or available for purchase, with advanced warning, from the Community Club.   

Damage deposit may be returned within two weeks of your event provided that:

-Dance floor doesn’t need refinishing because of spills and furniture scrapes
-There is no wilful damage to the facility.
-The furniture is returned reasonably close to where it was found.
-Tables are wiped and the floor has all spills cleaned up.
-If using the kitchen, it must be left clean and ready to use.
-Garbage cans have been emptied and properly bagged garbage placed in outdoor bin.
-Keys and bar equipment (jiggers, etc.) are returned.
-No tape remains on the walls.

-All rental fees and other charges are paid in full.

Arena & Curling Ice Rates

$250 per day and includes rotunda, washrooms, and change rooms if requested.
$50 per hour for ice rental, to a maximum of $250 per day.

Curling Ice
Rental rates of $30 per hour to a maximum of $300 per day. This includes the use of the lounge and access to the washrooms in the rotunda.

Rotunda or Curling Lounge
Rental rate is $100 when rented on its own. This includes access to the washrooms in the rotunda.


$100 per day

Please make arrangements a few days ahead for access to the facility.
For Hall Bookings call: Dale Lloyd @ 204-739-5334                                                              

Make cheques payable to: Eriksdale Community Club, Box 320 Eriksdale, MB. R0C 0W0      Attention: Lisa Monkman



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