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Building Permits Procedure Guide
Why is a Building Permit required?
A building permit is required in order to protect the health and safety of the owner and public. It does so by providing the means for the Western Interlake Planning District to review the project design and to inspect the construction for minimum standards as required by the Manitoba Building Code and Building By-Laws.
What construction projects require building permits?
A building permit is required for new construction, additions, alterations, renovations, relocations, and repairs or rehabilitation of a building or structure, whild some minor repairs do not require one. A plumbing permit is also required. Electrical permits mus be obtained by applying at the local Manitoba Hydro Office.
Examples of Projects which require a building permit:
  • All new construction
  • Repair and underpinning of foundations
  • Construction of decks and verandahs
  • Construction of accessory buildings (storage sheds, gazebos, etc) exceedings 120 sq. feet
  • Construction of attached and detached garages and carports
Examples of projects which normally do not require a building permit:
  •  Non structural renovation replacement of stucco, siding or shingles. Replacement of doors when the opening is not altered
  • Construction of Fences & Windows (subject to zoning by-law compliance)
  • Patching, painting, and decorating
  • Installation of cabinets and shelved - not requiring structural alterations or opening of the building vapour barrier
  • Accessory buildings not exceeding 120 sq. feet in area (however they must comply with the minimum yard requirements of the municipal zoning by-law)
  • Minor accessory farm buildings or structures that are open ended or unenclosed such as hay shelters or loose housing animal shelters and moveable structures built on skids such as granaries and cattle feeders
What if I fail to take out a permit?
  • If the work does not comply with Code requirements, costly repairs may be required
  • Work that cannot be made to comply will require removal
  • The cost of the permit may be doubled
  • Legal action may be initiated to address the non compliance
  • Additional fees up to $2000.00 may be charged for work that has been covered
What documentation is required to make the building permit application?
  • A site plan
  • One complete set of blueprints of proposed dwelling or addition (plan alteration must be authorized or it may be subject to additional fees up to $2000.00)
  • Proposed building site elecation in flood prone areas
  • Survey of property if survey pins cannot be located
Engineer Seel required for the following:
  • Foundation wall over 12 meters in length 
  • Thickened edge slab over 1000 sq ft
  • Any building with a second storey (finished or unfinished) on a thickened edge slab
  • Footings and foundations less that 4 feet 6 inches or 1.37 meters below finished grade
  • Preserved wood foundations, wood grade beam and insulated concrete (ICF) basement or grade beam less that 8" thick.
  • Wood basement
  • Pile foundations not conforming to section D. & E. and all pile foundations for dwellings of more that one storey.
  • Timber frame and log construction
  • Post and beam construction with posts spaced more than 2 feet apart per
  • Above grade concrete walls less that 6" thick
  • Post and pad type foundation
  • All foundations within 213.36m (700 ft) of a lake (RM of St. Laurent only)
Is a plumbing permit required?
Yes, a plumbing permit is required for the following:
  •  New plumbing installation or alteration to existing plumbing
Is a permit required for a well and septic field/holding tank?
Yes. This can be obtained at either the Environmental Control Office located at 102-235 Eaton Ave. Selkirk, MB for information phone 1-204-785-0296 or at 2-2015 Portage Ave, Winnipeg, MB phone 1-204-945-0835.
Is a permit required for electical?
Yes, this can be obtained at your local Manitoba Hydro Office.
Where do I apply for a building permit?
The office is located in the Recreation Centre at PTH #6 and Veterans Memorial Rd in St. Laurent.
You can also phone the office at 1-204-646-2615 or email wipd@mymts.net.
*** Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the information contained in this page. However, in case of a discrepancy between this page and the respective by-laws, the applicable by-law will take precedence.
*** Even if a permit is not required, there are still restrictions under the zoning by-laws that need to be adhered to. As such we encourage you to contact the Western Interlake Planning District Office to confirm if a permit is required for your project as well as any pertinent information regarding by-law restrictions.

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