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Ashern Early Years School

Ashern Early Years School

Mission Statement  

"Ashern Early Years School is a healthy, safe, and friendly community school. Students, parents, and staff are committed to working cooperatively to instill respect, and the joy of lifelong learning. Ashern Early Years School supports individual growth as well as group achievement because we believe our children are our present and futureā€


PO Box 1400

Ashern, MB

R0C 0E0

(204) 768-2625


Principal:  Karen Carmicheal


 About Our School

Ashern Early Years School is a Kindergarten to Grade 4 School located in Ashern, Manitoba. It has a current student enrollment of 65 students. Ashern Early Years has four homeroom classrooms; Kindergarten, Grade 1, Grade 2/3 and Grade 3/4. Ashern Early Years School has an active Parent Advisory Council. Parents and community members are invited to join the Parent Advisory Council and become involved in the programs in our school.

In the 2017-2018 school year, Ashern Early Years School is a K-4 school with 71 students. We are comprised of a Kindergarten Class, Grade 1 Class, Grade 1 Class, Grade 2/3 and a Grade 4 Class. Our staff includes five teachers, five Educational Assistants, a Secretary and a Librarian/Educational Assistant.

Our Speech and Language Pathologist provides weekly assessments and develops programming for our students in the Speech and Language Program. The program is delivered daily to our students by an Educational Assistant.

Reading Recovery is taught by our trained Reading Recovery Teacher, providing early intervention in both reading and writing to Grade 1 students


School Highlights

Ashern Early Years School received a Grant from the Manitoba Arts Council; Artist in the School. All of the students were taught the art of Japanese Drumming by Fabuki Daiko. Fabuki Daiko, is an international performing group, took residency at Ashen Early Years for a week in February. Students were given daily lessons in Japanese Drumming, and at the end of the week the students put on a performance for family and friends.

Each class at AEYS also held school wide assemblies where they showcased some of their learning. Classes recited poems, showcased artwork, performed a play as well as presented science research projects in front of friends, family and fellow students.


School Highlights

Our School hosts Family Fun Nights throughout the school year. Families come to the school in the evening and play games, make crafts, have a snack and make connections with school staff and other families from our school.

Students connect with the community with our SaY Read Program. Students from the school read weekly with seniors at both the Ashern Pioneer Manor and the Ashern Personal Care Home.

AEYS hosts a Three Year Old and a Four Year Old Program through the partnership with the North West Interlake Early Childhood Development Coalition.

The students of Ashern Early Years continue to participate in Education for Sustainable Development. They continued to run the recycling program at the school as well as grow vegetables and flowers not only for home but also for our school butterfly garden.

Child Care services for children 3 months to 12 years old available by the Ashern Daycare Co-op Inc, located 2 Main Street East.

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