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Eriksdale School


Mission Statement

"The Eriksdale School community strives to provide the highest quality of education in a supportive, innovative learning environment to foster success for all who walk through its doors.”


PO Box 179


Eriksdale, MB


R0C 0W0


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Principal:  Alison Marttila

Vice Principal:  Chris Hunt








About Our School

At Eriksdale School we have 160 students from K-8, as well as preschool programs and day care.

We are proud of our literacy, numeracy, technology, and inquiry learning. Teachers work together in teams to provide quality learning opportunities, and parents are invited to be part of their children's education team. Students can choose from many extra-curricular options including social justice, a full program of intramurals, meditation, coding club and yoga.

Our school represents two communities, the Kindergarten to grade four students live in Eriksdale, and from grades five to eight students live in either Eriksdale or Lundar.

The focus of our school is to educate the whole child, which includes their academic, physical and emotional wellbeing. Students have Phys. Ed. every day, as well as intramurals every recess for those in grades three to eight.

Student Action, our social justice group, supports local and global issues that matter, such as cleaning up litter in our community and raising money for clean water initiatives in the developing world.


School Highlights


In part thanks to a $1000 donation from Noventis Credit Union, we purchased Eriksdale Eagles t-shirts for school tournaments. They’ve already had lots of use, as our athletes compete in basketball, badminton, baseball and a host of other sports!


    Our Middle Years students had a variety to choose from this year for their options classes. Subjects offered included:

    • • Spanish

    • • French

    • • Music

    • • Drama

    • • Wildlife Management

    • • Gardening

    • • Sign Language

    • • Coding (including working with robots!)


      Stayed turned for next year’s options!


Students from grades 5 to 8 were given the opportunity to participate in a lunch time gardening club. The club had a lot of participation from students interested in learning about gardening and helping to produce locally grown food.

Under Mrs. Marttila’s botanical tutelage, students learned about different roots, plants, and how to care for them and maintain them. Students took full ownership of each step in the process.

The gardening club was concurrent with the grade 7/8 gardening options class, which allowed the school to fulfill a yearlong goal of creating a gardening school option.

The school garden is now a renewable source of food for our school, and will provide learning opportunities for students for many seasons to come!

Every Child a Reader

Each year we have school goals, and this year our literacy goal was that all students improve one year or more in reading comprehension.

Our school takes a balanced literacy approach, where each day students receive a mix of whole and small group instruction, as well as one-on-one support. Guided Reading is an important small group setting where the teacher works with students who are at a similar reading level or are practicing the same skill, such as the comprehension strategy Back Up and Reread.

Teachers make individualized learning plans for students who find reading challenging. These students are considered Priority Learners. Very focused and specific goals are made for each student, based on assessments and working with the child, and every six weeks new assessments are done and the goal is updated as the child progresses in their reading.

Every Child a Mathematician

Students who are ready to be challenged with the next grade level of math are provided that opportunity. This means that we have some students who are working on math that is one or two grade levels above their own grade level.

This acceleration is part of our special focus on outcomes that are essential to learn to do well in higher grades. These are called Foundational Outcomes. This helps teachers focus their teaching and work together collaboratively to help all learners. Every six weeks students are given Foundational Outcome quizzes, which determines which outcomes students have mastered, and which they need some further reinforcement.

Accelerating students when they are ready to move up, and using the Foundational Outcomes to focus our teaching, means every student is always getting exactly the kind of teaching and learning they need.

Accelerating students when they are ready to move up, and using the Foundational Outcomes to focus our teaching, means every student is always getting exactly the kind of teaching and learning they need.




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